Banksy Does New York

HBO will air a documentary on Banksy’s take-over of NYC earlier this year. Is it BAN-SKEE or BANK-SEE? I think it would be pretty cool for him to do a month over here in Orange County. Not because I live here, but because it would be so ironic for him to showcase his “street” art in such a planned suburb. It’s so him, right?! Anyway, here’s a video on the NYC tour if you did not know, and the HBO doc will air on November 17th called Banksy Does New York.

Breaking Bad Re-Cap

Stumbled upon this well edited video, summarizing Breaking Bad. Watching it reminded me how well the show was written. There are themes that are evident in each character’s development that are hinted at, even from the first episode. How Vince Gilligan was able to stretch out a transformation of one person over the course of six seasons is a feat in itself. Walt hits the main point of the show when he describes chemistry as the “study of change”. I also realized I had forgotten a lot of the story line from previous seasons.

Also thought these were pretty cool too. Via Trevor Grove

Faceless Sia

I’m probably really late on this one, but this song is so awesome. I was curious as to who Sia is and when searching for performances, I found that she was purposefully performing this song with her back to the audience with the focus on the dancers. Kind of creepy, but intriguing at the same time. I heard it was a social experiment about anti-fame. I did enjoy the performance as well as the music video for this song too.

The one on Ellen though reminded me of the ending scene of the Blair Witch Project.

The Bandwagon Fan

Words can not express the feels that were going through my body as Martinez scored the winning goal in game 5 of 2014 Stanley Cup Finals. It was like taking the last final of my college career. Dat exuberance. I wanted to high-five the eff out of every living creature at D&B.

From the title you might be thinking that this post is going to be a rant about the lame bandwagon fans that all of a sudden popped up, but it isn’t. It’s actually the opposite. Throughout this run in the playoffs, I frequented the r/losangeleskings (Kings subreddit) as well as r/hockey to partake in the banter that is such a part of sports. One comment that I kept seeing as a shot against the Kings fans were that we were all bandwagoners. But what I’ve increasingly began to notice was that this was a common insult that any fanbase is privy to. Why do we consider this ammo to use against another team? I mean, I get it. Let’s say your friend makes no mention of the Oakland Athletics ever during your friendship with them, but all of a sudden this season he’ll use whatever chance he gets to mention how “his” team is doing. Yea. Annoying.

But what I’m talking about is that fan who gets excited for a new team and new sport. The definition is clearly a bandwagon fan, but no need to look down on this. I have been watching the Kings since 2012. (Yup, you caught me red-handed; bandwagon fan here). Prior to this, I only considered myself a fan by default since they were LA’s hockey team. I knew of The Great One (who doesn’t?) and LUUUUUC, but nothing more. Even Hockey rules I was not clear of. Icing took a while for me to grasp.

Anyway, the point I’m making here is that I’m actually okay with the term bandwagon. I’m okay admitting that I wasn’t really into hockey until a few years ago. Bandwagon fans get such a bad wrap, but the fact is this: everyone has to hop on some time in their life. Why are you only considered “legit” if you have been watching a team since birth. Not only that, but I feel like that’s not enough for some people when they boast about how 4 generations of their family have been rooting for the some team. It’s in their blood.

My thing is this, hop one. You are welcomed, BUT if the wagon starts sinking or something, you better hold on for dear life because we’re all going down with it.