Tesla Model S 85D

Thank you Elon Musk for showing us the future. With the introduction of the new Model S P85D, I am now even more determined to have my next car be a Tesla. The “D” in the name stands for the dual motors (front and back) in this new model, which gives the car a combined HP of 691 and 687 lb-ft of torque. It goes 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. It’s the fastest sedan, ever.

Not only does this dual combo of motors give it serious speed, but Elon mentioned that if either one of the motors fail, the other can be run by itself, just like an airplane with multiple engines. The coolest thing for me though is their autopilot system. It combines the use of radar, sonar, a camera, and GPS to achieve this.

The car follows the lines on the road and adjusts speeds based on the speed limit signs that are detected by the on board camera. You can even have it change lanes by using the turn signals. The best part though was the fact that you can have it self park into your garage and also have it come out to you with a simple click (on private property only… for now). That’s Batman stuff right there. I want to be Batman.

The crazy thing is, is that this is not some prototype or concept car. We’ll see this tech on the road real soon. See the test drive video below to see all this stuff in action.

Dodgers Clinch

What a scenario to clinch the Division. At home, against the hated Giants, with Kershaw on the mound. So much better than last year (although swimming in the Dback’s swimming pool was awesome). I heard that not only did the Dodgers clinch the NL West, Kershaw most likely clinched the NL MVP. What can you argue now? Currently has the most wins, lowest ERA, and most Ks in the NL. May our saviour Kershaw lead us to victory.

By the way. Saw this after the game was over. Class act from the hated ones.

Banksy Does New York

HBO will air a documentary on Banksy’s take-over of NYC earlier this year. Is it BAN-SKEE or BANK-SEE? I think it would be pretty cool for him to do a month over here in Orange County. Not because I live here, but because it would be so ironic for him to showcase his “street” art in such a planned suburb. It’s so him, right?! Anyway, here’s a video on the NYC tour if you did not know, and the HBO doc will air on November 17th called Banksy Does New York.

Breaking Bad Re-Cap

Stumbled upon this well edited video, summarizing Breaking Bad. Watching it reminded me how well the show was written. There are themes that are evident in each character’s development that are hinted at, even from the first episode. How Vince Gilligan was able to stretch out a transformation of one person over the course of six seasons is a feat in itself. Walt hits the main point of the show when he describes chemistry as the “study of change”. I also realized I had forgotten a lot of the story line from previous seasons.

Also thought these were pretty cool too. Via Trevor Grove