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It Started With A Bracelet

Over a year ago I donned a bracelet I had recently brought back from a mission trip to Guatemala. The purpose of this bracelet was to remind myself everyday to continue praying for my future wife, and it was not going to come off until that day when I would not need it anymore. Wherever she was, I would say a short prayer that her day would go well.

A few months later, Michelle and I started dating and within the first few months I pretty much knew these prayers were for her. I remember her asking several times about the bracelet, and all I would respond with was that it was a secret, but that this bracelet was special. The bracelet, being quite fragile, did end up snapping off my wrist one day, but it stayed with me in my wallet, serving its purpose.

A little after a year of being with Michelle, it was time to give her my bracelet. Under the lights of the Chandelier Tree that was unlit on our first date, I explained the meaning of the bracelet. That it was filled with prayers to find someone so wonderful that I could not see myself spending the rest of my life without her, as long as this one question receives a proper answer. And with that, I got on one knee and asked Michelle to be my wife.

P.S. She said yes

Special thanks to my brother and his wife (Mike and Eunice) for taking photos and waiting patiently for us in the freezing cold and to Adam for making sure his Chandelier Tree was turned on for us.